Ankle Surgery Recovery Get A Normal Ankle Again

Ankle surgery recovery starts immediately after an operation is done. Feeling groggy after waking up is inevitable because the anesthesia given during surgery is wearing off. Pain may be experienced in the wound and if it’s too much, painkillers will be prescribed to you to ease the pain.

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Once one is from hospital and back home, crutches are necessary everywhere to avoid damage and putting pressure on an injured leg in which another surgery will be required. In 6 weeks time, the plaster should be changed and in 14 weeks, the plaster is removed once it is healed. The approximate time for a completely healed ankle is 1 year.

While at home, an assistant to help with chores like doing laundry, buying grocery and shopping is required because rest is part of the activity and the leg should not be strained at any one time. After 8 weeks, it is okay to return to ones personal and various works. Check ups by your medical practitioner is beneficial because you stay up to date with the status of the injured leg.

Healthy eating is part of the contribution of quick recovery and it also checks on the weight in that it does not cause the ankle to strain because your body is heavy. Sleep and rest are crucial because you are under very heavy medication and for them to work effectively you need not to be under stress or pressure at any one point. After the surgery, as much as the physical healing is important, the mental part is also very significant as well as this will aid in the process of recovery. In the mental aspect, positivity will keep that smile the whole day and you will ignore all the sleepless night and see the good and bright side of things.

Exercise is essential even in the fist days after surgery because if not, there is a high chance of difficulties in walking and running and jumping. One of the easiest and basic exercises done after injury is sit with your own injured leg and let it be extended and pull your own toes toward the direction of your chest. This exercise should be repeated as many times as possible for the first 10 or so days after surgery. This exercise is known as the motion exercise.

The second one is flexibility exercise. This can be done by stretching the weakened leg muscles to assist in regaining flexibility. Ankle surgery recovery can be started by stretching of the calf muscles. Strengthening exercises assist in regaining strength for the healing leg. The third is a balancing exercise where you need to balance yourself and the healing ankle should be involved as well.

Hydration is very essential in that it assist in proper digestion and circulation of blood. This should be taken very seriously because with good circulation, the brain is able to have enough oxygen which will not interfere with the normal body processes which in turn will be very good for recovery.

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